The Saint John of God Library Service supports staff who would like to get involved in research. Staff can ask the Library for help in searching for information on topics related to Adult Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities.

We are very aware that not everyone wants or needs to carry out a research project, you may just want to do a bit of reading around a subject that interests you. Or you might have to do some background reading for an academic programme.

Part of the way the Library supports staff is to provide the resources for you to search. These are the Databases (PsycINFO, Medline, CINAHL and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection), and the Journal collection gives you access to thousands of articles. We have formed a consortium (IDAAL) with other libraries to combine our resources and this gets us access to far more resources than if we were a ‘stand-alone’ library. The Library staff are willing to help get you started searching these resources, but you bring the expertise needed to identify your research question, you know the keywords, you know the related areas that can be included or excluded. It’s a collaboration, you know what to look for, we know where to look.

If you are planning to do a piece of research that you will want to publish or disseminate in any way you will need to submit an Ethics Application and the Research Department can help you with that process. The Research Department also run excellent short courses in carrying out research and you can look at their Research intranet site to see all the expert help available to you.

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